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Family law

When you are getting divorced, you want to agree upon or change visitation rights, there is an investigation by or interference of child protection and youth services or you are dealing with any other matter within family law, LS Legal can provide you with legal advise and other legal assistance. 

Employment law

LS Legal has years of experience in legally assisting employers and employees with different matters related to (Dutch) labour law.


We offer legal aid to individuals and companies who are dealing with a labor dispute, for example regarding an employment contract or salary matter.

Liability and personal injury law

LS Legal is a specialist in (Dutch) tort, liability and personal injury law. We offer high-quality legal services in all kinds of cases, like conflicts between neighbours, wrongful acts, fraudulent acts, non-payment of bills, defamation and slander, etc.


LS Legal also offers legal assistance in claiming for damages, also in criminal court cases via submitting an injured party claim.

Rental law

LS Legal legally assists both landlords and tenants with conflicts about a rental property. Whether you are dealing with defects, nuisance, a possible eviction or a conflict about the height of the rent, I can advise you and take over correspondence with the opposing party.

Administrative law

Do you disagree with a decision of a (Dutch) administrative authority? Have you been awarded a penalty and you want to help of a lawyer to submit your point of view and/or administrative appeal to that decision? Or do you want to file an access to public information request under the Freedom of Information Law (WOB)?


LS Legal has extensive experience in providing legal services within Dutch administrative law.

Criminal Law

LS Legal has vast experience within (Dutch) criminal law. In case you are dealing with a criminal law matter, for which you do not want to hire a licensed attorney (yet), we can offer you legal advise. Also in case you have received a penal order, your driver's license has been taken or you are victim of a crime (see liability law). 


Contract law

LS Legal has almost 10 years of experiences in drafting and reviewing contracts for individuals and small to medium-sized companies (SMEs), like:

  • Service agreements, partnership agreements and MOU's

  • Consultancy / independent contractor agreements

  • Employment agreements

  • Rental agreements

  • Sales commission, finder's fee, and introducer agreements

  • Confidentiality agreements and NDA's

  • License agreements

  • Processor agreements for GDRP compliance

  • General conditions, terms of service and privacy and cookie policies​


About LS Legal

I, Lisa Harteveld, am the founder of LS Legal. For years I worked as a licensed attorney at several renowned law firms in Amsterdam. Also, I have experience as the legal manager of a (tech) company with projects all over the world. In total I have over 10 years of experience in the legal sector.

As a lawyer, I provide thorough legal advice and high-quality legal services. I am really good at composing airtight agreements and drafting great legal documents, appeal letters, claims, complaints and legal correspondence.

Since I moved abroad at the end of 2018, I decided to deregister as a licensed attorney. Now I provide legal services to companies and individuals in The Netherlands as a lawyer. I also still work for law firms in The Netherlands.

Since I am not a licensed attorney anymore, I am able to offer my legal services at a fraction of the cost that a law firm would charge. My hourly tariff is 90 Euro for individuals and 95 Euro for companies. It is usually also possible to agree upon a fixed price in advance.

So if you are looking for legal aid, send me a message. I will immediately let you know what I can do for your free of charge. If, in my opinion, it is best in your case to hire a licensed attorney, I will also let you know without any charge. If you wish, I can then refer you to a licensed attorney. 

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"LS Legal is amazing in what she's doing, extremely helpful and professional." 

It was an absolute pleasure working with LS Legal. She very intelligently and thoughtfully handled our project and gave very thorough feedback and detailed instructions. I would definitely work with LS Legal again.

"Excellent work from LS Legal great communication skills ... Attention to detail was refreshing.... Easy to recommend."

real pro, highly recommended 

"LS Legal was professional and straightforward, her communication was A+. I'll definitely use her services again for contract writing and legal advice."


"I was struggling to find custom terms and condition for my particular business which required special attention. Lisa delivered as promised with the jargon of lawyers and the look of professionalism. Very happy with the service, this service gives me peace of mind. This was the solution i was looking for."

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