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LS Legal distinguishes itself by offering high quality legal services at a very affordable price. Our extensive experience in civil law, administrative law and criminal law enables us to help companies and individuals with various issues.


LS Legal is characterized by our great passion and commitment. We aim to get the most out of every single case. Looking after the interests of our clients is paramount and it is of the utmost importance to us that our clients feel that they are being helped. If necessary, we will fight against the opposing party with all legal means possible.


If you want to know what we can do for you, please contact us. We will always respond to your message as quickly as possible.



"LS Legal's commitment, thoroughness, professionalism, expertise, modesty and involvement in drafting and submitting my administrative appeal were simply fantastic. One in a million!"

"LS Legal is amazing in what she's doing, extremely helpful and professional." 

"LS Legal was professional and straightforward, her communication was A+. I'll definitely use her services again for contract writing and legal advice."

"I was struggling to find custom terms and condition for my particular business which required special attention. Lisa delivered as promised with the jargon of lawyers and the look of professionalism. Very happy with the service, this service gives me peace of mind. This was the solution i was looking for."

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Liability and personal injury law

Injured party claim

Contract law

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